Slot Games That Don’t Need Skills: An Introduction to the Types of Slot Games


When playing a slot machine game, you need to put in coins first. Although the winning rate is low, because the gameplay is very simple, you don’t need to understand a bunch of rules like other card games, and you can play immediately as long as you bet a small amount of money. One, once the jackpot is won, the return rate is high, so it has always been the most popular casino game. Also because of the high popularity of this game, in addition to the most basic slot machine game, this game also extends various modes. Next, let everyone know more about slot machine games from the basic slot machine gameplay and various types of introductions. If you want to know more casino games related information, just check okbet! You can click here to learn more!

Introduction to slot machine gameplay and types

The gameplay of the slot machine game is very simple, just put in the amount, pull down the handle, or press the button, the reels on the middle screen will turn, and when the same symbols are connected in a line, you can win the bonus. However, which columns of connections will be opened according to the amount invested each time, in order to obtain bonuses, the higher the investment amount, the more ranks of the connection calculation will increase. Basically, if you only toss 1 coin, you can only win the bonus if there is a line in the middle horizontal column, and if you toss 2 coins, there will be one more column above. On the 4th and 5th, even the two slashes are counted. However, because the slot machine is a machine, the probability is controlled by the computer, so it is impossible to actually calculate the slot machine probability, but the slot machine probability usually falls between 75% and 95%.

Here is a brief introduction to some of the more common types of slot machines for everyone to see.

The first, traditional slot machine
This kind of slot machine, which is mentioned above, will increase the number of connections that can be gambled with the amount of investment, and the chance of winning will also increase.

The second, compound slot machine
The winnings of this slot machine are proportional to the bet amount, so the odds are not reduced by only flipping one coin at a time.
This means that tossing 1 coin can win 10 coins, and tossing 2 can win 20 coins.

The third, multi-line slot machine
It is a machine where you can freely choose which line you want to hit, but you can only win the bonus if you hit the line you choose.

The fourth, progressive jackpot slot
This kind of machine will take a certain amount of the player’s bet money and put it into the jackpot, which will gradually accumulate into a huge bonus. Once someone wins the jackpot, the machine will recalculate the jackpot. However, this type of slot machine usually has a minimum bet limit, and there are also rules that only those who place 3 times the bet have the chance to win the grand prize, so although it is a machine that can get high bonuses in a short time, it is still more suitable for Way to 3x the bet.

Fifth, online slot machine
The online slot machine is an extension of the cumulative slot machine, and it is also the machine that requires the most wagering among the above types. The bonus of the online slot machine is to connect other machines in the casino, combined with the amount of the basic bonus, so if the winning, the bonus will often have a very high amount. Also because the gameplay of slot machine games is not only simple, but also more exciting than other games, so it has extended a lot of types, and has also developed from physical machines to online machines, so that friends who like slot machine games are Easy to play slot machines.

Differences between physical slot machines and online slot machines

When it comes to physical and online slot machines, everyone may still want to know if there is any difference between them. Here we will briefly talk about their differences.

The first part is the convenience and comfort of online slot machines.
If you want to experience a physical slot machine, you must move to a specific location, but if you are playing an online slot machine, you can play it anytime and anywhere. The degree and comfort are higher than the physical slot machine.

The second part is that online slot machines are highly selective.
If you play slot machines in a physical field, it may be limited by the size of the current field, resulting in fewer machines and fewer types. However, if you play online, there will be no such restrictions, so it can provide The types of machines will be quite rich.

The third part is the higher odds of online slot machines.
In terms of the return rate, the physical slot machine is about 92%, and the online slot machine is about 95%. In terms of profit probability, the online slot machine is 4%~6% higher than the physical slot machine.

Slot machine cracking must understand slot machine strategy

Because the odds of slot machines are fixed, in fact, no amount of strategies can change the odds, so it is actually very luck to win big prizes in slot machine games. It is also for this reason that instead of trying the slot machine cracking method or slot machine strategy circulating outside, remembering some key points is the best secret to make it easier for you to play, rather than the more you play, the more difficult it is to play.

The first one, please confirm that there is enough betting amount before using the cumulative slot machine.
Because this kind of machine depends on the amount of each bet to increase the bonus, it would be better to play this machine if it can be confirmed that this machine has a certain amount of betting before using it.
The next step is to confirm the betting range that you can afford, and to control it well.
When playing slot machines, it is very likely that you will always be in a state of losing money. If you can win the big prize next time, of course, congratulations, but if you still don’t win money every time, remember to stop and be sure to set it up for yourself. A good stop loss point, so that you won’t let yourself lose more and more!

The last is to choose the gameplay that suits your goals.
For example, traditional slot machines and compound slot machines are more suitable for beginners because they are easier to get started with; cumulative slot machines are suitable for those who can bet on 3, because they must first meet this condition if they want to get the big prize.
Choose your own goals to play, in order to reach your goals faster, without investing too much bet.

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