Introduction to Roulette Basics: How to Play Roulette Correctly?


If you are new to roulette or have only played it a few times, know that roulette is a purely random game. Don’t be nervous, let’s try ok bet! You can get more important imformations.

The purpose of the games

The purpose of the roulette game is to guess which number slot the bead will land on, and then place the chips on the table to bet.

Components of the games

We’ll walk you through the components of a roulette wheel step-by-step: the wheels, the table, the chips and the dealer.

Wheel of roulette

The roulette wheel has 38 digit slots, including 1 to 36 digit slots and green slots for “0” and “00”.

Roulette Tips:
The red and black numbers are alternated, and the numbers are arranged irregularly.
Roulette is monitored frequently to ensure its accuracy and the fairness of the game.
5 steps to teach you how to play roulette

  1. Find a table that fits your budget (choose based on table minimums and per bet limits).
  2. Buy chips from the dealer.
  3. Place your stake (roulette chips) on the table where you want to bet before the dealer calls “Stop Betting”.
  4. After the beads fall into the number slot of the roulette wheel, the dealer will report the winning number, color and whether it is an odd or even number.
  5. The dealer takes the player’s losing bet, pays the winning bet, and takes back the transparent plastic tower (dolly), which represents the start of the next round.

Before the roulette game starts

Set a budget

It’s easy to get overly invested in the intense game of roulette, so it’s a good idea to set a budget before you play:
Plan how much you want to spend before you play, and only bring cash. Think of this budget as spending on leisure and entertainment the same way you spend it on meals and movies.
It’s also a good idea to set a winning cap. Even if you are winning continuously, you will stop playing when you reach the limit.

How to choose a roulette table

Every roulette table has a minimum wagering limit, which is the minimum wagering amount per round. Make sure the table you choose fits your budget.
When betting, you must reach the minimum betting limit, and then place your bet on the inner or surrounding betting areas. You cannot split your bet into two areas. For example, if the minimum bet is $5, you cannot bet $3 in the inner betting area and then bet $2 in the outer betting area.
In the peripheral betting area, the minimum bet amount can only be placed in one betting slot. However, in the inside betting area, you can place your bet in a different digital betting slot.

Buy roulette chips

Each roulette table has its own specially marked chips that can only be used at limited tables.
First, pick a chip of a specific color so that the dealer can keep track of everyone’s bets.
Second, choose the denomination of your chips, starting from $1 and going as high as $100 per chip.

Hint:Chips have neither denomination nor value until they are purchased. This will allow you to spend quickly because the chips don’t feel like money.
Hint:Always remember to exchange your roulette chips for cash or casino chips before you leave the roulette table you’ve played. Once off the table, these chips cannot be exchanged for common casino chips, nor can they be used elsewhere in the casino.

Place chips
There are two ways to bet on roulette, choose to place your chips in the perimeter or the inner betting area to bet. Each area has many different betting options for you to choose from.


First predict that the beads will fall into the number slot, and then place the bet in the corresponding number slot in the inner betting area.


The peripheral betting area is for betting on other outcomes, such as odd or even, red or black.

Roulette Derivative Game Show

Roulette is one of the more popular games in casino entertainment, and it has several variations on how it is played, including those with different betting options and interactive videos.

European Roulette

While American roulette is considered the world standard, the game of roulette is known to be new from Europe. European Roulette has wheel features and betting options that are not available, and is still an interesting option offered by many casinos.

What will happen if you win?

First of all, congratulations, enjoy the joy of winning! As you celebrate, remember that the current table is temporarily frozen, which means that you cannot touch your chips until the dealer has paid out all winners.
Hint:The bookmaker needs to do a lot of mental arithmetic, and occasionally miscalculate the odds. So you can jot down or write down the odds for the different betting options, so you can be sure that the payout is correct every time.

Chip exchange

Want to play at another table? Or have you exhausted your budget for today? Or are you ready to rest? Then at the end of the round, let the dealer know you’re not playing, and they’ll exchange your roulette chips for casino chips.
Hint:Don’t forget to exchange your chips for cash or casino chips before you leave the roulette simulator. If you leave, the dealer may not remember the chip amount set for you. So, keep in mind that you can only exchange cash or general-purpose chips at the table where you change your roulette chips; that is, you cannot exchange roulette chips at the casino cashier.

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