Baccarat must learn how to play the key 6 points of teaching “money winning moves”!


Baccarat is the most popular and safe and profitable gambling game in well-known casinos around the world from the 19th century to the present. The total amount of betting in physical casinos and online casinos is the highest, and players are often absent. Because the gameplay is easy and simple, and the rules are easy to use, so no matter what. High-end players or newbies are unable to extricate themselves from the baccarat strategy! In the hot baccarat game, the baccarat game skills for winning money, the winning rate of deep secret skills, come and let the game game article teach you You can use the following 6-point cracking method to provide everyone with an increased winning rate! In addition, you can see casino-related information here, just check okbet online casino out here. Don’t miss it!

6 kinds of baccarat analysis

Player literacy, stable mentality

In each different game, the first thing is that a stable mentality is the quality that players must pursue. It is indispensable in any gambling game! Whether winning or losing, players need to play the game with a normal mind. I have encountered it, and there is an inevitable example in front of me! Friend B is fascinated by baccarat and can’t stop, and keeps raising the so-called wealth and danger! A stable mentality often leads to losing all and taking off your pants, thinking that there is still another hand to bet heavily, but in the end it leads to mistakes. Friend B always has a situation of 5 bets, 1 win and 4 losses on the court. Fortunately, he finally listened to persuasion. Go, finally after not throwing the property out of the house, after listening to the editor’s gameplay, I gradually stopped following up!

The maximum bet chips must be set and used flexibly

Players in Asian casinos or Baccarat casinos have no casino advantage! Each has its own bonus limit rules, and the gaming table is based on different bonus limit conditions. In the total betting amount, each player can The betting amount starts to bet on a table with a high or low limit of redemption, so after the player decides the bet amount for a single hand, he cannot exceed the limit of the redemption he bet in a short period of time! For example: I am today After bringing the total betting amount of 500,000 US dollars into the casino and changing it into gambling funds, the highest loss on my body is only 30,000 bet!

The big trick of calling bets is to start when you see the leader

Orientals love to use dragons as auspicious things! There is also a term for playing cards, which is to see the dragon head, which means that the momentum is like a long rainbow and a long dragon. When there are five dealers or players, it is called a short dragon. If there are more than five hands, the player will also be called a long dragon because of their joy and strong aura! At this time, you can boldly try to follow your long dragon until you buy it out. stop it!

But there will be a lot of novice players who play baccarat for the first time will make this rather big mistake! Because the novice’s mentality and luck are unstable! The hand is definitely going to be decapitated! In fact, if you stick to your intuition, it is possible to open the dragon after 15 hands! However, because the disconnection in the middle is only in the 5th to the 6th hand, the bet amount has been lost and cannot be raised!

If you are determined not to buy draws and pairs, you will not fall into the trap of high odds!

The advantage of the casino is that it makes you think you are successful, but you are caught off guard and lose the momentum when the momentum is booming! A draw and pair are in the baccarat analysis game. Players think that the odds of winning are high, one of the casino’s conspiracies! A success In the baccarat teaching, the casino will never tell you that there is a chance of a tie after a complete game of cards is dealt out, but the probability of a tie is actually very low, less than 5 times! However, it seems that a pair is easier to open than a draw, but do you know whether the probability of actually winning money after you bet is high or low!? The statistics calculated here are also less than 0.334%, and it is not worth betting. betting tips!

Detailed analysis of Baccarat card road

Basic baccarat winning skills, beginners must learn at the beginning is to write the number of ways of the baccarat formula! Record the results of the banker and the player’s opening cards, which is called writing the way! In addition to Zhupan Road, Big Eye Road, Small roads, big roads, and now online casinos will also record the road through electronic grids. Electronic road paper is much more convenient than the physical road paper used to go to Asian casinos! Players can determine the expected value of the next exit by writing road records!

Baccarat usually has a higher chance of opening a banker than a player

Because of the different rules of baccarat, the proportion of the banker’s and the player’s outs is different. Here, the editor calculates the probability of winning the two games! The eight baccarat teaching cards in the Asian casino open the banker’s winning rate. The winning rate is 45.86%, and the winning rate of the player winning rate is 44.62%, and the remaining 9.78% will be a draw! In the baccarat online game, there is no way to win a high bet amount by killing a draw. !So in the actual casino baccarat betting strategy, it is still more than 50% to bet on the banker to win!

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